Pierce County Neighborhoods Pierce County Real Estate Update Pierce County Real Estate has been on fire for years. This year homes appreciated 18% from October 2020 to October 2021. The year before homes appreciated 15%. This has a lot of people carefully considering where they will get the best match for their lifestyle and budget. I sat down with my friend and colleague […]
Pierce County Neighborhoods The Most Popular Neighborhoods in Tacoma this Year The most popular neighborhoods in Tacoma Tacoma real estate market has been HOT this year. Since I started MovetoTacoma.com back in 2016 I’ve been talking to a LOT of buyers, many from outside of Pierce County who are relocating and trying to figure out which is the best Tacoma area neighborhood for them. So far […]
Pierce County Neighborhoods Tacoma Real Estate FAQ 2021 The Tacoma real estate market in 2021 is extremely hot. We’ve been rated the hottest real estate market in the country (again!) and the number of homes for sale has dropped 25% since last year. That said, Tacoma is still much more affordable than Seattle and folks continue to move to Tacoma from across the […]
Pierce County Neighborhoods Pierce County Real Estate in 2021: The Most Expensive & Affordable Neighborhoods Once again, I’ve run the numbers on the most expensive and most affordable neighborhoods in Tacoma and Pierce County! From 2019 to 2020, Pierce County saw a 15% increase of the median home sale price. We ended 2020 with Pierce County’s median sold price at $439,000, up from $375,000 the previous year. We simply do not […]
Gig Harbor Neighborhoods List of Neighborhoods in Gig Harbor, WA Gig Harbor, WA is a city, but it’s a city of varied neighborhoods. From the gated community of Canterwood to the hillside water views of Kopachuck Ridge, Gig Harbor has a variety of neighborhoods and price points to please everyone. Here is a list of Gig Harbor Neighborhoods and their 2020 median home sale prices: […]
Tacoma Real Estate What $375,000 gets you in cities and neighborhoods across Pierce County How much does it cost to buy a house in Pierce County in 2020?   It was recently reported by the Northwest MLS that the median home price for Pierce County is $375,000. The average is $421,327. This is up 9% over the same period last year. At the same time, inventory is down. What […]
Tacoma neighborhood guide How to choose a good neighborhood in Tacoma If you’re searching for the right neighborhood in Tacoma for you, chances are you are stumbling upon a lot of spammy posts from dubious travel blogs, reddit threads more than a decade old, and other confusing information. The truth is, what you mean by “good neighborhood in Tacoma” is probably different than what other people […]
Rants An Insider’s Guide to Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent Good people often choose the wrong real estate agent. Let’s talk about why. Whether you’re buying your first house or selling your fifth house, a bad fit with the wrong agent can sabotage your whole transaction, leaving you (and your agent) with a bitter taste in your mouth, less money, and a sub par result. […]
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Tacoma Restaurants Best Places for a Cocktail in Tacoma Sometimes any old drink will do, but sometimes… some days… you want something amazing. Click here to visit my blog post on Get Real Tacoma featuring the 5 best Places for a Drink in Tacoma. You won't be sorry!
Tacoma Condos Downtown Tacoma Condos Tacoma Real Estate is complex. There are downtown Tacoma condos for sale for $50,000 that once sold for $250,000. Not only that, you might see one building with units for sale for hundreds of thousands of dollars while the building across the street has units for sale for less than $100,000!  What gives?  In a […]
Tacoma Condos Downtown Tacoma Loft Buildings Part 1   One of the questions I get the most is, “Which are the buildings in Downtown Tacoma with Lofts?” Thanks to Downtown Tacoma’s industrial past, there are quite a few, some of them are rentals and some are condos. I thought I’d do a series of posts about what is out there in Tacoma. If […]
Tacoma Real Estate Pierce County Median Homeprice Flashbacks I was tidying up my desk recently and found a relic from the Real Estate Boom Times, an article in the Tacoma News Tribune about the Pierce County Median Home Price from June of 2006. Back then, it was setting a record high at $266,500. The article talks about what you can get for your money […]
Tacoma Real Estate The Most Expensive Houses to Sell in Tacoma This Year Sometimes writing market updates during the worst housing crisis in the history of our country can be kind of a bummer. The foreclosures, the short sales, the empty inventory… it’s so much more fun to talk about people in Tacoma buying million dollar houses, right? I mean, who are these people? So today I am throwing […]
Rants RANT: Get a Sewer Inspection Sewer inspections are SUPER SUPER SUPER important, people. Early in my career I didn’t know this (I grew up in the boonies with septic systems), and when my clients bought houses they would have a home inspection, but didn’t have a professional come out and inspect their sewers.  This is BAD BAD BAD.   Fortunately, […]