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A list of neighborhoods in North Tacoma, WA

North Tacoma is home to some of Tacoma’s most popular neighborhoods. Home to some of the oldest neighborhoods and grand historic homes in the city, North Tacoma is also located close to Tacoma’s popular Ruston Way waterfront park and Pt Defiance Park, a 702 acre unlogged old growth forest. Neighborhoods in North Tacoma are also among some of the most expensive in Tacoma. The median home price in North Tacoma is hovering right under $600,000.

North Tacoma Neighborhoods

Old Town

Tacoma’s Old Town was the first that was colonized in 1863. There’s a replica of the cabin of Tacoma’s first settler Job Carr in the center of the community. There’s a charming street of shops on North 30th that include bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses. Homes in Old Town are a mix of historic homes and new construction. Many have incredible views of Commencement Bay. Old Town is very close to the Ruston Way Waterfront. The median home price is right around $700,000.


the blue mouse theater photographed from Proctor Street

The Blue Mouse Theater in Proctor (Tacoma, WA)

The Proctor District in North Tacoma is home to one of the most popular business districts in Tacoma, (and probably the most popular grocery store- Metropolitan Market!) Proctor also has a thriving farmers market on Saturdays. Proctor is home to many historic single family homes and historic homes. The median home price is about $700,000.

Stadium District

Stadium District of Tacoma photographed with Mt Rainier in the background

Stadium District of Tacoma photographed with Mt Rainier in the background

Stadium District is named for Tacoma’s Stadium High School and is home to a mix of historic mansions and apartments, historic homes, and a few new and newer apartments. Stadium Business District  is home to some of Tacoma’s most popular restaurants including Indo, Shake Shake Shake, Sel, and Art House Cafe. Stadium is also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Pierce County with a median home price of $760,000.

Three Bridges Neighborhood

A photo of shops in the three bridges neighborhood of tacoma

Three Bridges Neighborhood

Three Bridges is a charming and historic neighborhood in North Tacoma with a tiny (but thriving!) business district. The neighborhood is home to many historic craftsman and foursquare homes and well connected by sidewalks to surrounding neighborhoods. The median home price in Three Bridges is right around $700,000.

North Slope Historic District

A home in the North Slope HIstoric district with a dog walking by

North Slope Historic District

The only historic district in the North End is the North Slope Historic District. Nearly 80% of the homes in the neighborhood were built before 1930. This is the only neighborhood in North Tacoma where there are rules residents must follow when they remodel their historic homes. The median home price in the North Slope Historic District is around $575,000.

UPS Area

home on a corner in the UPS neighborhood of Tacoma

A home in the UPS Neighborhood of Tacoma, North of 6th ave.

So named for it’s location surrounding Puget Sound University (often referred to by locals as UPS, since it used to be called University of Puget Sound!)

Point Ruston

A photo of condos and apartments with views of commencement bay in Point Ruston, Tacoma Washington

Many apartments and condos in the Point Ruston Neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington have views of Commencement Bay, Mt Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, Dune Peninsula Park, Browns Point, and more. People who live in the neighborhood have access to Dune Peninsula Park, Point Defiance Park, and Ruston Way. It’s an easy distance to the ferry to Vashon Island.

Not North Tacoma but North Tacoma adjacent

These neighborhoods are located north of 6th ave and Highway 16, but are west of the North End. That includes:


A photo of the antique sandwich co restaurant on a sunny day in ruston, washington

Ruston is its own city located next to Point Defiance Park. It has local shops and businesses. Some of them (like Antique Sandwich) have been around since before most Tacomans were born. Ruston is a bit more affordable than some of the surrounding neighborhoods and has historic homes, view homes, and newer homes mixed together. The median home price in Ruston is around $575,000.

West Slope

A home overlooking the Puget Sound in Tacoma's West Slope nieghborhood

West Slope Neighborhood of Tacoma

Homes on Tacoma’s West Slope have some of the most spectacular sunset views you’ll find anywhere. West Slope has all the conveniences you’d want in a suburb of the city. Easy access to the freeway, great grocery shopping, great parks, and access to the water. Homes in the West Slope tend to be newer than homes in North Tacoma as it was developed later (starting in the 1950s). The median home price in the West Slope is nearly $600,000.

West End

Homes on a corner in Tacoma's West End Neighborhood

West End Neighborhood of Tacoma

One of the most affordable neighborhoods on the North side of highway 16, the median price in the West End is about $500,000.  From older to newer homes, single family to condos. The homes are conveniently located to the parks, towns, business districts, and waterfront that make living in the North End so great.

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