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The Most Popular Neighborhoods in Tacoma this Year

The most popular neighborhoods in Tacoma

Tacoma real estate market has been HOT this year. Since I started MovetoTacoma.com back in 2016 I’ve been talking to a LOT of buyers, many from outside of Pierce County who are relocating and trying to figure out which is the best Tacoma area neighborhood for them. So far this year (and we still have some time left!) I’ve spoken to over 150 people moving to the Pacific Northwest, almost all of them to Pierce County, WA. These are the neighborhoods people have asked about the most:

North Tacoma

north tacoma neighborhood map

The most popular neighborhood that buyers have asked about this year has been North Tacoma. The median home price in North Tacoma hovers around $590,000. To learn more about North Tacoma you can visit the North Tacoma Neighborhood Guide here. While not everyone who starts off looking at North Tacoma ends up buying there, it’s often a place that folks new to Tacoma (and folks moving from one end of Tacoma to the other) begin their search. Neighborhoods included in North Tacoma are Proctor, Stadium District, Old Town, UPS neighborhood (near Puget Sound University), the North Slope Historic District, Three Bridges Neighborhood, and more.

South Tacoma

Map of Tacoma's South Tacoma Neighborhood

South Tacoma is the second most popular neighborhood buyers have asked about this year. The median home price in South Tacoma is currently $386,000. South Tacoma Way, (the neighborhood’s historic business district) keeps getting cooler and cooler. Also, South Tacoma is consistently one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city, which makes it very popular. A lot of folks mix up South Tacoma and the South End (weirdly- North Tacoma and North End mean the same thing!) so check out this blog post explaining the difference between South Tacoma and the South End neighborhoods.


Downtown Tacoma

downtown tacoma highlighted on a map of tacomaComing in third in the most popular neighborhoods in Tacoma is Downtown Tacoma. Almost all of the homes available downtown are condos. Tacoma doesn’t have many condos for sale for a city our size, and most of them are located in the Downtown Area. Especially lofts for sale in Tacoma. The median home price for condos in Downtown Tacoma for this year is $370,000. Nearby neighborhoods are St Helens, Hilltop, and Hillside/UWT Area.


The next two neighborhoods have exactly the same number of requests, the nearby cities of Gig Harbor and University Place. Both cities have neighborhoods that include water views and waterfront homes. For a list of neighborhoods in Gig Harbor check out this list of Neighborhoods in Gig Harbor, WA.

Here are some additional resources for checking out how to move to Tacoma:

I also have this clickable neighborhood map and neighborhood guide that includes median home price by neighborhood if you’d like to explore Tacoma and Pierce County! 
Here is a link to the MoveToTacoma.com Podcast if you’d like to learn more about Tacoma culture! 

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