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Tacoma Real Estate FAQ 2021

The Tacoma real estate market in 2021 is extremely hot. We’ve been rated the hottest real estate market in the country (again!) and the number of homes for sale has dropped 25% since last year. That said, Tacoma is still much more affordable than Seattle and folks continue to move to Tacoma from across the United States. Since creating the Tacoma Neighborhood Guide on the MovetoTacoma.com website I find myself answering questions from hundreds of people each year about the Tacoma real estate market. Here are some of the most common questions people ask when they move to Tacoma:

How much does it cost to buy a house in Tacoma in 2021?

Home costs in Tacoma vary by neighborhood. The most affordable neighborhoods in Tacoma have median home prices in the low $300,000s. The most expensive neighborhoods in Tacoma have median home prices over $700,000. The median home price for the city is about $400,000 right now, with most homes experiencing multiple offers and selling over the seller’s list price. To learn more about how much homes in Tacoma cost by neighborhood visit the Tacoma Neighborhood Guide or this blog post, “Tacoma Median Home Prices by Neighborhood.

Which neighborhood in Tacoma should I live in?

Tacoma has dozens of neighborhoods to choose from. Finding the right neighborhood for YOU doesn’t have to be a struggle. For most people, “best” tends to means the neighborhood that is most affordable. Others find it’s all about the incredible views of the Puget Sound and Mt Rainier. If the biggest priority is ease of commuting to Seattle or JBLM. Here are some resources for you to find the neighborhood you like best in Tacoma:

How much does it cost to buy a house in Pierce County in 2021?

The median home price in Pierce County in now over $450,000. The most affordable neighborhoods in Pierce County have a median home price between $285,000-$380,000. The most expensive neighborhoods in Pierce County are in the Gig Harbor area and North Tacoma and range between $700,000-$800,000 median home price.

Which neighborhood in Pierce County should I live in?

If you’re thinking about moving outside Tacoma and into the suburbs, there are many small cities and neighborhoods in Pierce County to choose from. You can check out a complete list here. There’s also a clickable neighborhood map of Pierce County here.

What are the best neighborhoods in Tacoma for commuting to Seattle?

Depending on if you’re commuting by car, bus, or Sounder train there are lots of great neighborhoods for commuting from Tacoma to Seattle. Some folks in Gig Harbor even commute by ferry from Bremerton. Click here to see a list of neighborhoods ideal for commuting via car, bus, train, or ferry.

What are the best neighborhoods in Tacoma for commuting to JBLM?

The closest neighborhoods to JBLM in Pierce County are Dupont, Spanaway, and Lakewood. The closest neighborhoods in Tacoma to JBLM are South Tacoma and Midland. For a list of neighborhoods ideal for commuting to JBLM click here.

How can I buy a house in Tacoma if I think I’m priced out?

Affordable housing in Pierce County and King County (and really, the entire West Coast) is a serious problem. This is happening for several reasons. First, there is not enough housing to meet the demand from folks who grew up here and are trying to buy their first homes. Second, many people are being forced to relocate to Tacoma because they are priced out of even more expensive communities in Seattle or even from NYC or California. In addition, many people visit Tacoma, fall in love with it, and decide to move here- just because they like it!

So, if you’ve waited to buy a house in Tacoma and are finding it unaffordable you are not alone. See this blog post, “Tacoma is not affordable anymore, this is why.” I sat down with Anders (a former city councilman, real estate agent, and appraiser).  We discuss ways folks can still buy when they can’t afford a median priced home.

How do I sell my house in Seattle and move to Tacoma?

A lot of folks don’t realize that if you want to get the most money for your house and the highest quality representation from your agent, the best thing to do is work with a sellers agent that specializes in homes in your Seattle neighborhood, and a buyers agent who specializes in helping buyers in the neighborhood you’re moving to in Tacoma. This is NEVER (NEVER!!!) the same person. Truly professional agents understand the complexities of a sell/buy move and can work together to give you a fantastic result. Here I speak with my friend Roy, a Seattle seller’s agent about how a person selling in Seattle can help their client get the most money for their house and purchase a home in Tacoma.

I don’t want to move all the way to Tacoma. What do I need to know about buying in South King County?

As Tacoma is becoming more expensive a lot of folks who used to move from Seattle to Tacoma are now exploring places like Federal Way, Auburn, Renton, and Des Moines. I spoke with my colleague Totiana who lives and sells real estate in South King County to find out what’s going on. It’s the most affordable place to buy a home in King County. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it isn’t competitive for buyers! Learn more by watching the video here:

Marguerite Martin has been a real estate agent in Tacoma since 2005. She now runs MoveToTacoma.com and helps folks in Tacoma and Pierce County find real estate agents they like and trust. Looking to find a great real estate agent in Tacoma or Pierce County? Contact Marguerite here.