Tacoma neighborhood guideTacoma Real Estate June 13, 2019

How to choose a good neighborhood in Tacoma

If you’re searching for the right neighborhood in Tacoma for you, chances are you are stumbling upon a lot of spammy posts from dubious travel blogs, reddit threads more than a decade old, and other confusing information.

The truth is, what you mean by “good neighborhood in Tacoma” is probably different than what other people mean. After 15 years as a Tacoma Real Estate Agent I’ve learned that some people define good as “cul de sacs and new construction” and other people define it as “I can walk everywhere and the houses are super charming.” Beyond those examples, people factor in schools, crime data, condition of streets and sidewalks, proximity to water and parks, and a zillion other criteria that make a definitive list of “Good Tacoma Neighborhoods” downright IMPOSSIBLE. That’s right, your good Tacoma neighborhood is someone else’s least favorite Tacoma neighborhood. That’s just kind of how it works here.

This is why I created the website MoveToTacoma.com- the crowning achievement of which is a the Tacoma Neighborhood Guide.

Click here to visit the Tacoma Neighborhood Guide and compare neighborhoods in Tacoma.

For a more in depth conversation about how to choose between neighborhoods in Tacoma and find the spot that’s right for you, check out this conversation I had with my Tacoma real estate agent friend Anne:

The Tacoma Neighborhood guide lets you compare neighborhoods in Tacoma and get the lay of the land. The clickable neighborhood map to Tacoma helps you figure out where Proctor is in relation to Stadium, North Slope, or Fife!

Here’s an example of how the guide works: