Tacoma Real Estate January 15, 2020

What $375,000 gets you in cities and neighborhoods across Pierce County

How much does it cost to buy a house in Pierce County in 2020?


It was recently reported by the Northwest MLS that the median home price for Pierce County is $375,000. The average is $421,327. This is up 9% over the same period last year. At the same time, inventory is down.

What does this mean for buyers in Pierce County?

There are fewer homes on the market for buyers to choose from (and compete for).

Here are some blog posts that might be helpful for folks trying to figure out what they get for $375,000 in cities and neighborhoods across Tacoma and Pierce County:


  1. What you get for the money in Tacoma’s most expensive neighborhoods
  2. What you get for the money in Tacoma’s most affordable neighborhoods
  3. What you get for the money in Cities across Pierce County

These article contain examples of homes that have sold recently in these neighborhoods for on or close to the median home price. In some neighborhoods $375,000 gets you a LOT. In others, you might not even be able to buy a small fixer upper for $375,000.

Are you planning to move to Pierce County?

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