Pierce County NeighborhoodsPierce County Real Estate November 11, 2021

Pierce County Real Estate Update

Pierce County Real Estate has been on fire for years. This year homes appreciated 18% from October 2020 to October 2021. The year before homes appreciated 15%. This has a lot of people carefully considering where they will get the best match for their lifestyle and budget. I sat down with my friend and colleague Kylee to talk about the Pierce County Real Estate Market in 2021 and to learn more about where to move and why!

Why are people moving to the suburbs of Tacoma, WA?

What are the suburbs of Tacoma?

Some examples of communities that function as Tacoma’s suburbs are Milton, Edgewood, South HillFredericksonBonney Lake, Gig Harbor, Spanaway. Click here for a complete list of cities and neighborhoods in Pierce County.

To see the cities and neighborhoods around Tacoma on a clickable map click here.

Will I still face multiple offers on houses in the burbs?

YES. Homes in the suburbs are competitive- maybe not as many offers but there will still likely be motivational offers and homes are often selling for far over the list price. Don’t give up, it might take a few offers to find the right house.

For more information about pricing and neighborhoods in Tacoma check out the following resources:

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