Tacoma Real Estate July 11, 2022

Interviewing the best real estate agents in Tacoma 2022

Looking for the best real estate agent in Tacoma? Good news, Tacoma has a lot of competent, trustworthy agents. I’ve written on here before about my tips and tricks for choosing the right real estate agent, but today I want to give examples of experts! Over the past few years I’ve interviewed dozens of local agents from different real estate companies in Tacoma and Seattle who are experts in their respective niches. You can see those interviews on my Youtube channel here.

From neighborhood specialists to agents with expertise in condos, investors, or estates- these are some of my favorite interviews with local agents this year!

Should you move to Gig Harbor or Tacoma?

In this video I interview Erin who is a real estate agent in Gig Harbor who grew up in Tacoma. Erin lives in Artondale in Gig Harbor, has her office in Old Town in Tacoma, and enjoys going to Tacoma for restaurants and fun. She gives her perspective on commuting, pros and cons, and what it realistically costs to live in different areas around Gig Harbor and Tacoma.

How to prepare your home to sell?

I love this interview with Sharon about getting your house ready to go on the market. Sharon shares some of her tips about things to do to prepare to make the process go smoothly (pre-inspection? roof certification?). Ultimately the most important thing is to PLAN and to PREPARE and build that relationship with a trusted sellers agent long before you go on the market. Having a person you like and trust who has your back and helps you get everything done makes all the difference! If you love Sharon as much as I do you should also check out the interview I did with her on my podcast. This interview is especially for first time buyers who are PLANNERS on how to buy a house in Tacoma right now. 

How to buy vacant land in Pierce County?

I get so many questions from friends and clients alike about what the process of buying land is like. If you’ve ever spoke to anyone who bought land who regretted it- you know it’s more complex than people realize! It’s the reason you’ll see an acre of land for $25,000 and another acre of land for $1,000,000. There have been 883 vacant land properties that sold in Pierce County in the last year. The highest priced piece of property sold for over 2 million dollars. The most affordable sold for $40,000. The average piece of land to sell in Pierce County was 2.22 acres and sold for $362,000. About 75% of those properties were purchased with cash. In this interview Bobby and I talk about what people considering buying land should consider. We also talk about what neighborhoods in Pierce County still have land available. We also spoke about how to buy a home on land in Pierce County here.

What do investors in Tacoma real estate need to know in 2022?

Home prices for single family and investment properties have risen consistently over the last five years in Tacoma. Investors in single and multi-family homes have long seen the value of owning properties in Tacoma. While the market is adjusting since the interest rate increase in 2022, the demand remains strong. This interview is with Tacoma agent and appraiser Anders for some in-depth talk on what opportunities remain to successfully invest in Tacoma real estate. To learn more visit “How to Invest in Tacoma real estate.

How to choose the best Tacoma real estate agent for you?

After 18 years as a Tacoma real estate agent, one of the things I’m always trying to explain to clients is that agents are NOT a commodity. Within Tacoma and Pierce County there are agents who are experts in different types of neighborhoods, homes, financing, relocation, etc. Since creating the Tacoma neighborhood guide at MovetoTacoma.com my job has shifted from selling homes myself to connecting clients with agents who specialize in the type of transaction they are trying to do. Check out my blog post “How to find the Best Tacoma real estate agent for you” for my advice on choosing the best real estate agent based on your goals, and some mistakes to avoid!

How does the shifting market impact what real estate agent I should choose?

When connecting people with the ideal realtor for them I’m always trying to match an agent with expertise in what the person buying or selling is doing. In addition to that, you want a personality match. Some clients prefer someone analytical, others prefer someone personable- with teacher or “coach” energy. On top of these factors, now that the inventory of homes for sale is rising and buyers have increased negotiation power- I’m considering the experience level of the real estate agent.

For sellers

If you’re selling in this market you need more than an expert in your neighborhood. You need to make sure the agent you’re interviewing has expertise marketing your home. For the longest time agents needed to be able to price and negotiate- but they were largely just waiting for the buyers to show up and helping sellers pick the best one. Nowadays sellers need agents that know how to actually market and promote a house for sale online, in person, and in the agent community. Many real estate agents who were licensed in the past six or seven years simply haven’t had the chance to SELL a house to clients or agents, and this is something agents are furiously catching up on. Make sure your seller’s agent has a strategy for preparing the home, pricing the home, and actually getting the house in front of buyers and buyers agents.

For Buyers

Buyers agents in Tacoma have been working incredibly hard over the past few years as prices have been rising and multiple offers have increased. That said, agents who have been selling for fewer than six or seven years are at a disadvantage. As I said in an article I wrote for linkedin, “Advice for real estate agents in a shifting market” it’s like buyers agents have spent these seller’s market years on LEG DAY. Skills like negotiating based on the home inspection items, negotiating on price (especially on homes that have been sitting), and resolving low appraisals have just not been needed as much in the past years. There’s a difference between order taking and negotiating on behalf of your clients. Make sure the agent you hire has experience identifying opportunities to get concessions for their clients.

Just say NO to dual agency

This is an interview I did years ago with my colleague Anne on the real estate practice known as “double ending” or “dual agency”. When you’re hiring an agent make sure to ask what their philosophy on dual agency is. My biggest surprise after dropping this interview was how many real estate agents dismissed it and said it didn’t matter if their clients each had their own agent. And how many of my friends and clients (who are not realtors!) were shocked that such a thing was even allowed. While there might be the odd situation here or there where it makes sense, for the typical client this should not be happening.

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